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Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Social Media Efforts

While LinkedIn is known as a place where business people connect and network, by that very nature it is a social media marketing platform as well. A personal or business entity can use LinkedIn to promote itself as well as make connections with other business people in an attempt to broaden one’s network. Aside from signing up and creating a profile on LinkedIn (which is of course the starting point) one of the most popular strategies is getting recommendations. A LinkedIn recommendation can be seen as social […]

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Monetizing The Social Network

A review of ways marketers can align with these consumer hot spots. Online social networks are hot. Those who participate in them belong to two, three, four, maybe even more than 10 or 20 different ones. They enjoy their features, upload photos, request business contacts and talk with friends. For now, consumers get to do this for free. For now. Although social networking in the offline world may be well-established — monetized through conferences, venues, referral fees and headhunters — the online world seems to just be […]

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LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

After you sign up with LinkedIn, it’s good to know that your profile is very important because it’s a place where others who would like to connect with you will visit first. Create an interesting profile to attract potential partners or business associates and entice them as well to click links to your web properties to learn more about you. Below we’ll provide some tips on how to take advantage of your time at LinkedIn. One thing people like to read is interesting stories about yourself. Why […]

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